Making of Disney Playmation – CG Meetup

This is such awesome commercial! And the making of it is just as good. I think that getting our children outside to play instead of being in front of the television helps to grow the imagination of any child. If it wasn’t for my parents encouraging me to go outside and use my imagination to it fullest I would not be doing what I love today! To me, ones imagination allows you to view this beautiful world through child like eyes and behold its wonder no matter hold you become. Never stop stunt your imagination and never stop playing! It keeps you young!

Making of Disney Playmation

via Making of Disney Playmation by The EmbassyComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio.


2 thoughts on “Making of Disney Playmation – CG Meetup

  1. Reblogged this on Ariel Javines and commented:
    This is absolutely a cool approach to marketing latest and upcoming movies from any producer out there. I recently saw another like this and its a tvc for and electronic giant ‘Samsung’. It involved a pre-historic t-rex and and alien ship with stamppeding bulls. All gorgeous vfx to highlight Samsung television’s gesture sensors. But this also have my delight.

    • I have seen that commercial yet. I will have to look for it! Yea I am a BIG fan of the Marvel and Star Wars lines and I am glad that they are promoting kids playing outside and using their imaginations. I hope to see more commercials like this in the future!

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